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First Baptist Church truly has a rich history, and has seen the continuous faithfulness of God for over a century.

The roots of First Baptist Church of Hawarden go back to the year 1885. The church was organized by 15 individuals, and Rev. Pratt of Sheldon was the moderator. The original worship services were held in a small white school house at a location called Gladstone Hill, beginning in September of 1885. The moderator at that time was Rev. Freeman of Elk Point. The Congregation purchased the school house building along with the lots for $1000, and it was dedicated on February 2, 1890.

By May, 1911, under the leadership of Rev. John Erb, the church building was relocated to a lot on Kansas Street (now Central Ave.)  By the year 1910, new plans were being made by Rev. Erb to build what is now the current church building. The cornerstone was laid on August 25, 1918, and was dedicated on February 16, 1919.


The faithful and growing congregation has been worshiping in this building for over 100 years now. The building now has a fellowship hall addition, which allows more space for outreach ministries, events and opportunities for fellowship. The fellowship hall addition was completed in 1991.


While we truly love and cherish the interesting and exciting history of our church, we believe that the church itself consists of the body of Christ, and reaches all corners of the world. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to live out and share the Gospel, and the church reaches far beyond the physical walls of a building.

To read about the very first church, check out Acts chapter 2 in the New Testament of the Bible.

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